To evolve young minds into responsible citizens who can overcome hurdles of a global society while staying rooted to their intrinsic traditional values. To ultimately shape up as a centre of education imparting excellence at all levels while simultaneously stressing upon mental, spiritual and physical development. The end objective is to create caring, responsible and dynamic global citizens of tomorrow who are committed to the development of the nation.


  • To provide near ideal ambience, outstanding teaching resources and facilities to facilitate all round development.
  • To nurture and foster intellectual abilities.
  • To inculcate a sense of values and purity of thought.
  • To encourage development of scientific and rational thinking.
  • To develop leadership and spirit of adventure.
  • To foster the ability to distinguish the right from the wrong, the facts from the myth and the grain from the chaff.
  • To encourage community feeling, a sense of justice and the quality of tolerance.
  • To develop self confidence through a sense of responsibility, devotion, patriotism and discipline.