The curriculum is well structured and designed to nurture young children and to bring out the best in each child. Our approach is to make them into happy and responsible citizens of tomorrow.

Thus, the overall objective is to provide hands-on experience to the children and ingrain the seeds for life long learning.

An effective mix of traditional and montessori methods

We strive to adopt the techniques of both the traditional methods as well as the Montessori methods of learning. While the Montessori way is good in many aspects, it does not gel well with the education system of India where the child needs to hit the ground running. Therefore, we use the Montessori equipment available with the school in innovative and selective manner which enhances the child’s ability to grasps concepts quickly and also be ready for life at traditional schools.

Activity based learning

Most learning concepts are imparted via activities which the children enjoy. Curriculum is imparted in a fun manner where children start learning while being involved in activities. For example, the significance and importance of festivals are imparted through audio/visual presentations, dramas and activities wherein each child is involved and they unconsciously absorb the the intended curriculum.